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Guided by our innovative approach, we're built up an impressive resume of clients who look to us to not only manufacture their products but to also come up with designs and comments. Working with our customers, we collaborate with them to develop exactly what they want, based on market trends, style, materials, colors and target price points.

We offer a wide variety of materials in many different textures to meet the needs of all of their customers. We keep our sample room stocked so we can develop samples for you within days with our available materials. All of our materials are complied with American and Europe requirement.

Our R&D department consists skilled engineers with many years' experience in the field of bags research and development. Also our R&D staff never gives up seeking any new information to meet the market requirement. All our items are made to professional standards and the designs are constantly reviewed and updated.

Our R&D department can adapt these bags to suit your specific requirements. Computer design
Pattern making
Fabric cutting
Sample making

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Great care, strict quality control and individual attention to each customer’s orders are the hallmarks of Hollco Bags Manufacturing
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